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Trade the carbon markets

Join the world’s first dedicated Carbon DEX and discover liquid carbon credits.

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Carbon, the biggest growth opportunity of this decade,is now available on-chain.

One Carbon DEX to rule them all

Connect with carbon tokens from projects around the globe, gathered together in one easy to use DEX. Backed by real CO2 capture and Verified by Verra.

Trade trusted carbon credits

Order book model DEX

Free account

High quality Verra credits

Low fee and low gas costs

Buying carbon credits
just got a whole lot simpler

Fiat on-ramps make things so much easier! Buy with Apple Pay and Debit Card.

Don’t like handling private keys? Companies like eToro and Revolut trust Fireblocks for security and so do we.

LIKK, powering the Carbon DEX

Get the most from your visit with LIKK tokens.

Take your share of up to 20% platform fees when you stake LIKK token. Burn LIKK for cheap carbon credits plus access to our LIKK NFT farm.

Buy, trade and explore the Voluntary Carbon Markets.

Carbonized NFTs

Collect carbon infused NFTs to drive climate change down.

  • Buy, Sell and Farm NFTs
  • Stake to earn NFTs with our $LIKK NFT Farm
  • Stake longer for rarer NFTs
  • Discover limited edition collectible and artistic NFTs

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